Designed to save you Money, Time & Aggravation when purchasing your next home!

Home Finder Service - Receive automated updates via Email daily on homes that meet your exact criteria before most agents even know they're on the market. You will receive information on all homes, listed with all real estate companies that includes exact location and in most case pictures.

Buyer’s Agency Service - Finally, someone who is on your side and represents your best interests as a homebuyer. For every home that we look at, we will inform you about both its good & bad features. We will never try to "sell" you a home; rather we will empower you with information and knowledge so that you can make educated decisions and make a smart investment you always have expert representation.

First Time Home Buyer Services - Avoid mistakes and save time & money. We will educate you & assist you through the entire home purchasing process. We will introduce you to the qualified & experienced resources (mortgage, appraisal, movers, home inspection, structural engineer, construction trades, home improvement, termite & insurance to name a few) necessary to make your 1st time home ownership a positive & profitable experience.

Building a New Home - Learn the single biggest mistake homebuyers make when purchasing a new house & how to avoid it. Find out how builders price their new homes & how to negotiate concessions. Investigate your options; there may be an alternative to brand new that offers the same new features but at a significantly better value.

Not Ready For Prime Time Buyers Club? Not ready just yet, but thinking about buying a home sometime in the future? Learn how to receive lots of quality real estate info without being hassled by a salesperson. Do your homework, research the market and learn about the home purchasing process so when the time is right you will make smart decisions.

Free Mortgage Pre-Approval -Are you planning to finance part of your next home purchase? The single most important thing that you can do to improve your negotiating position is to become pre- approved by a mortgage lender. A Pre-Approval provides you with the clout & leverage you need to negotiate and secure the best price and terms. This demonstrates to home sellers that you have the purchasing power to consummate the transaction and transitions you, in the seller’s eyes, into a "cash buyer".

Low Down Loan Programs - Many people never buy the home of their dreams simply because they don't think they have enough money for the down payment. They've been told through the years that they need 10 or 20 percent of the purchase price in order to buy a home. Well, this simply isn't true. Our team of home lenders are linked to a vast network of national home mortgage companies who offer dozens of low down payment, and low interest rate home loans for buyers in all price ranges. Please call me for details.

It really does matter who represents you when you purchase a home. If you are even considering buying a home you need to learn more about my time & aggravation saving Smart Buyer’s Programs. Call us at 770-314-8552 or [email protected]